Overview of the Lebanon Mine Action Center

The Lebanon Mine Action Authority (LMAA) is a legislative body established in 1998 by the Lebanese Council of Ministers to enhance and facilitate coordination among different ministries in matters relating to mine action. The Lebanon Mine Action Centre (LMAC), a part of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), executes and coordinates the Lebanese National Mine Action Program (LNMAP) on behalf of Lebanon Mine Action Authority (LMAA). LMAC operates within the Ministry of Defense and reports to the minister through LAF/ G3.

The LMAC is staffed with army personnel assigned to the mine action program from the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Civilian personnel are made available through UNDP support to cover shortfalls. The LMAC office, based in Beirut, manages all humanitarian demining activities, and has established a Regional Mine Action Center (RMAC-N) located in Nabatiyeh to plan, manage and monitor all demining operations in the South of Lebanon.


The LMAC’s mission is to manage mine action activities (Demining, Mine Risk Education (MRE), Victim Assistance (VA), Advocacy) in Lebanon and to ensure the provision of administrative and logistical support to facilitate the work of all mine action organizations working in Lebanon in accordance with the national (NMAS) and international standards (IMAS). The LMAC tasks the Demining Teams, ensures Quality Assurance and Quality Control, chairs the Two National Steering Committees on Mine Risk Education and Mine Victim Assistance, manages database using IMSMANG software, mobilizes resources and provides cooperation and technical assistance to affected states.

The LMAC’s vision is Lebanon free from the impact of mines/ERW (including unexploded sub-munitions). Its ultimate goal is securing a country where civilians can walk freely without the fear of stepping on a mine, children can play without mistaking an exploded sub-munition for a toy, and communities do not bear the social and economic impact of mines/ERW presence for decades to come.