DFID Donations Evaluation

On 18/3/2019, a British delegation and Director of the Norwegian People's Aid Society visited the Lebanon Mine Action Center at the Shukri Ghanem-Fayyadieh barracks. Brigadier Ziad Nasr welcomed the visiting delegation and presented a brief presentation in the presence of LMAC officers and Ms. Ariane Almas of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) discussed the achievements of the Lebanese Mine Action Program, the future plan and the challenges facing it. Major Fadi Wazen, Head of Operations, Quality and Quality, and Major Ali Makki, Head of Mine Risk Media and Mine Awareness, briefed lectures on the Center's activities in humanitarian demining, mine risk education and information management and the future plan in these areas.
The British delegation expressed its admiration for the professional work of the Lebanese Mine Action Center in this area.
At the end of the visit, Brig. Gen. Nasr thanked the British government for its generous support to Lebanon and wished the delegation to continue to increase support for Lebanon in order to preserve the safety of the citizens.