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2015 National MRE Campaign

On the occasion of the International day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, the LMAC launched a national Mine Risk Education (MRE) campaign during the whole month of April 2015 in cooperation with the National Steering Committee on MRE and with the support of UNDP, the EU, BLOM BANK, UNMAST, NPA and MAG.

This worldwide celebrated day aims to raise awareness about landmines and progress toward their eradication as these dreadful devices are still imposing a daily threat to the safety, health and lives of the civilian population as well as an impediment to social and economic development of certain regions.

This year's campaign was particularly marked by a range of sporting events and by the use of fun interactive tools promoting safety measures targeting the community and the LMAC’s partners.

A Bicycle ride event (Beirut by Bike) was planned on the 18th of April 2015. 134 bicycles started a trip from Beirut waterfront passing through Hamra Main Street, the Manara sea side road and returning back to the starting point. This awareness event gathered the national MRE Steering Committee, demining organizations, Blom Bank, Beirut by Bike, UN agencies, victims, army personnel and LMAC staff. Awareness brochures were given out to all the citizens in the streets as well as to the participants. Banners were posted all over the designated track raising awareness and promoting safety measures, and participants were wearing reflective vest containing the golden awareness rule “Don’t come close, Don’t touch, Report”. The event received widespread media coverage and succeeded in highlighting the serious and continuous threat that mines still pose in Lebanon.

A Fun Run Marathon was also organized and took place in Tyr on the 19th of April 2015 gathering more than 500 participants. The LMAC's partners and the area residents walked for a cause that still affects their daily life. Banners, tee-shirts, hats, fortune cookies (containing awareness messages), and brochures were handed out to the participants promoting safety measures. An exhibition was held at the finish line explaining the danger of mines and offering victims socio-economic support by selling their handcrafted material. Several teams were conducting awareness sessions for all age groups using props, games and interactive materials.

Another sporting event gathering mine survivors, MVA Steering Committee members and UNIFIL teams in a football game took place at Al Ahli Club in Nabatiyeh, Southern Lebanon.

In addition to sporting events, Mine Risk Education lectures were delivered at schools and universities, a wall drawing event was conducted in several schools in Nabatiyeh and refresher courses on MRE were provided to MRE Steering Committee activists. Leaflets and posters were also handed out to citizens at all the Lebanese Army checkpoints in order to reach the highest number of citizens. Text messages were sent as well to civilians: "Mines and Cluster bombs pose a threat to your life. Don't come close, Don't touch, Report- Lebanon Mine Action Center- 05/956 143- www.lebmac.org"

Furthermore, under the patronage of the Lebanese Army Commander, and under the supervision of the LMAC and with the support of the EU and BLOM BANK, the Balamand University held a ceremony at UNESCO on May 11th, 2015 dedicated to distribute prizes to school students who won in the competition of the Awareness material preparation (best poster, best video clip, best clip radio, best play, best rap song and best Lebanese “Zajal”). During the ceremony, all materials were displayed on a huge screen and participants were given as well the opportunity to perform their plays and songs. At the end of the ceremony, prizes were distributed to the winners then all attendees were invited to a cocktail party that was held for the occasion.



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