NMAS 09.32

Guide for Large Scale Demolitions and Burning Operations

Edition 2.1 - March 2020     DOWNLOAD


Together with NMAS 09.30 and 09.33, this NMAS provides guidelines for the large scale demolition of EO by explosive demolition or by open burning. It focuses on ensuring that all large scale demolitions are conducted safely, effectively, and with minimum impact on the surrounding population and environment. Large scale demolitions should take place in designated demolition areas that have been formally approved for that use by the LMAC. Generally, large scale demolitions will only be necessary when large stores or caches of abandoned EO are found. All munitions and weapons caches discovered by implementing agencies (IAs) during demining work shall be reported to the LMAC immediately. The LMAC shall arrange for them to be secured, transported when necessary, and ultimately destroyed. Although the government of Lebanon neither possesses nor maintains a stockpile of antipersonnel mines it is possible that while conducting demining operations implementing agencies (IAs) may come across abandoned anti-personnel mine caches or stockpiles placed by previous militias. These shall be recorded and formally demolished under the direction of the LMAC as with all other abandoned explosive ordnance (AXO).