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Arabic Outreach Workshop
06 Nov 2012

The Arabic-language Outreach Programme (AOP) for mine action aims to improve knowledge, exchange experiences, and significantly reduce the resources spent on training and capacity development by individual mine-affected states.

Based on the needs identified during the workshop there was a general agreement on the need to Arabize the support documents and trainings targeting the Arab region allowing thus the access of all employees to up-to-date information on Mine Action in Arabic.

During the workshop, Lebanon stood out as a country, which had mastered the necessary know-how and is capable of sharing and transferring its expertise in all mine-action related fields, including Quality, Operations, Information Management, and Mine Risk Education. The LMAC served as an exemplary center demonstrating how LMAC has progressed with humanitarian demining and how the center is serving as an umbrella for local as well as international organizations working in Lebanon.


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