"The clearance of mines on our land has fulfilled my father's last wish."


Mr. Jihad Aouad, a journalist and a press photographer is married with one son. He owns 94,824 square meters of land in Toula, North Lebanon. His land has been contaminated by mines and ERWs for 32 years.


Mr. Aouad’s grandfather was a farmer who used to plant olive trees and wheat on the land, which provided a generous income for more than 20 families. This land was an integral part of the life of the Aouad family as it sustained their livelihood and was a symbol of their wealth. Since the internal conflict, the Aouad family has been unable to use their land due to the mines/ERW contamination. The impact on the family was so great that Mr. Aouad’s father died of a broken heart. He had spent most of his adult life unable to work on his land but only able to walk along its borders and survey it from afar with binoculars. His only wish before he died was that the land be returned to his son.


For the past 10 months, LMAC and an International NGO have been demining Mr. Aouad’s land, and so far they have cleared 14,000 square meters. His main ambition, as the land is returned to him, is to re-plant olive trees and restore the pride of the land to his family. The economic impact has also been significant, as the price per meter of his land has risen from only USD $2 10 months ago to USD $100 now that it is cleared. However, he vows never to sell the land as for him it is invaluable. Mr. Aouad cannot thank LMAC,  the International NGO and the donors enough for the new lease of life his family have been provided. They have helped him fulfill his father’s last wish and secure a future for his son.