RMAC-N center

The LMAC regional office in Nabatiyeh, known as the Regional Mine Action Center (RMAC-N) manages, plans, supervises all Demining Operations Activities in the South of Lebanon, West Bekaa and Chouf areas.

The Regional Mine Action Center (RMAC-N) based in Issam Chamoun Casern, in Nabatiyeh, Southern Lebanon was established in 2007. Under the guidance of LMAC, RMAC-N ensures that the operational procedures for demining are conducted in the most effective, safe and time efficient manner, in accordance with National and International Mine Action Standards.


RMAC-N Activities

1- Coordination Meetings
RMAC-N requests regular updates from the Commercial Companies and NGOs about their operation progress and provides them with the necessary feedback and help to cope with any problem.

2- LMAC/RMAC-N introductory presentation
RMAC-N visitors receive an introductory presentation about LMAC/RMAC-N and the mines/ERW problem in Lebanon.

RMAC-N Capacity:
- RMAC-N Sections:
The main activities of the RMAC-N sections are provided by the Operation section, QA/QC section and IMSMA section.

- LAF BAC Sampling Teams:
Sampling Teams are a part of the Quality Management process. They verify that clearance is conducted in accordance with its agreed contractual obligations.

- The civilian National staff:
Supporting civilian staff are United Nations Development Program (UNDP) employees.