NMAS 02.10

Guide for the Operation, Management, and Coordination of Mine Action Projects in Lebanon

NMAS 03.30

Guide to the Research of Mine Action Technology

NMAS 04.10

Glossary of Mine Action Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations

NMAS 05.10

Information Management

NMAS 05.11

Guide for the Use of Communications Networks

NMAS 06.10

Management of Training

NMAS 07.10

Guide for the Management of Demining Operations

NMAS 07.11

Guide for Land Release

NMAS 07.12

Quality Management in Mine Action

NMAS 07.14

Risk Management in Mine Action

NMAS 07.30

Guide for the Accreditation of Mine Action Implementing Agencies

NMAS 07.40

Monitoring Mine Action Organizations and Operations

NMAS 08.10

Non-Technical Survey (NTS)

NMAS 08.20

Technical Survey (TS)

NMAS 08.40

Marking of Hazards

NMAS 09.10

Clearance Requirements

NMAS 09.11

Battle Area Clearance (BAC)

NMAS 09.13

Minefield Clearance

NMAS 09.30

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

NMAS 09.31

Improvised Explosive Devices Disposal (IEDD)

NMAS 09.32

Guide for Large Scale Demolitions and Burning Operations

NMAS 09.33

Guide for the Demolition of Mines and Explosive Ordnance

NMAS 09.40

Guide for the Use of Mine Detection Dogs (MDD)

NMAS 09.50

Mechanical Demining

NMAS 10.10

General Guidelines for the Development of Safety and Occupational Health Systems

NMAS 10.20

Demining Worksite Safety

NMAS 10.30

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

NMAS 10.40

Medical Support to Demining Operations

NMAS 10.50

Storage, Transportation, and Handling of Explosives

NMAS 10.60

Reporting and Investigation of Demining Accidents and Incidents

NMAS 10.70

Protection of the Environment

NMAS 12.10

Mine/ERW Risk Education

NMAS 13.10

Mine Victim Assistance

NMAS 14.10

Evaluation of Mine Action Interventions