Graduation Ceremony in cooperation with the Ministry of Education

Lebanon Mine Action Center in coopreration with Ministry of Education held a graduation ceremony at the Sa'id Al Khatib Barracks in Hamanah, where teachers and health counselors attended the public schools and the guidance and guidance centers of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The ceremony was attended by Brig. Gen. Ziad Nasr, head of the Lebanon Mine Action Center, representing Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, representatives of humanitarian mine action organizations and associations, and  officers, Mrs. Sonia Najm, representative of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, who thanked the army leadership for cooperating with the ministry, stressing the importance of spreading awareness among the students of public schools in reducing the number of victims of mines and cluster bombs.


Brigadier General Nasr also said: "We are celebrating today the graduation of a training course in the field of mine risk education, the first of its kind between the Regional Demining School for humanitarian purposes and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, The dangers of landmines and cluster bombs in public schools, and awareness-raising among the younger generations in general, an important step at the national level that will undoubtedly help to deliver awareness messages in the best possible way through specialized activists and the adoption of diverse audio and visual media. "

This Project funded by UK in Lebanon and supported by UNDP.